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Age Policy

Published by Cassie Wilkinson
Nov 30, 2018

When registering your child, you will be required to register for the level they are appropriately aged for. If you are requesting to play up or down levels, a separate exemption form will need to be completed.

We made this change for a couple reasons. One is to remain competitive with the other leagues we are playing against, but more importantly, to give your child the best softball experience we can. To help you better understand the levels and ages, please use the following:

Your child's age as of Jan. 1, 2019

8 yrs and younger - 8U

9 & 10 yrs - 10U

11 & 12 yrs - 12U

13 & 14 yrs - 14U

15 & 16 yrs - 16U

We do understand that there are situations where this may not be the appropriate choice. This is why we have created an exemption request form. The form will be available to complete at walk up registration and for online registrants that are requesting an exemption will need to email president@johnsburgpigtail.org with the following information:

-Name, DOB, and Age

-Reason for the request

-Experience (include all seasons and levels)

-Coaches recommendation

These requests will all be considered by the Executive Board at the March Board Meeting. You will be notified of the decision before the draft date.